Hearts of Darkness

Director - Fax Bahr & George Hickenlooper
Eleanor Coppola (documentary footage)

Genre - Documentary

Assembled from footages shot by Coppola's wife (Eleanor), this documentary showcasing the troubled shooting of 'Apocalypse Now' is a quintessential 'making of'. From intimate interviews with the actors involved to various mishaps which plague the set of Coppola's Vietnam war epic unceasingly, this is a revealing insight into the inner workings of a huge production. In the end, a masterpiece is created out of sheer determination. Brando's hilarious outtakes included (these alone are solid gold!).


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CavedogRob said…
Another great review! This is indeed a revealing documentary that might make a good double feature with Le Blanks' BURDEN OF DREAMS!
Shubhajit said…
Nice, from you emphatic review its evident that this must surely be interesting to watch.
I saw this a long time ago. What I remember most about this was the shady politics of it all. I remember they were frustrated that the military helicopters they were using were unavailable at one point because they had to be used to suppress rebels. Seeing Coppola rail in frustration because the military equipment and personal he was using to film an anti-war movie was inconveniently used for military purposes. ...the irony multiplied to infinity,
If anyone had any doubt about Coppola as a director...they should watch this. Lesser directors would have crumbled...