La Vie En Rose

Director - Olivier Dahan

Genre - Biography/Drama/Music

Marion Cotillard plays singer Edith Piaf in this biopic which wallows somewhat in pain and sadness. Plucked from obscurity and poverty, Piaf's story is one of amazement and the love of singing which kept her alive. Frail and sick all through her hard life, she put her torment into the songs she sang, and therein was her strength. Cotillard's portrayal which earned her an Oscar is spectacular. The voice inflections, personality quirks and overall physical change she went through just bowled us over.

3.5 STARS!

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yoshke said…
hmmm... im yet to see this. but i must admit that im only curious about cotillard's performance. hehe.

im lovin yer blog. keep em comin.
Hi Yoshke, thanks for stopping by, and welcome aboard . :)