Latest Poster for 'Sad Dream'

Here's the latest poster for Kim Ki-Duk's upcoming film 'Sad Dream' (Bi-mong, [비몽]) starring Lee Na-Young and Japanese actor Joe Odagiri. This is the second film from Kim Ki-Duk to feature a non-Korean actor in the lead role ('Breath' was his other film starring Chang Chen from Taiwan). 'Sad Dream' opens in South Korea this October.


I'm looking forward to this, as long as there isn't any animal abuse!
ian said…
Yah, I might have to give this a serious look, too. Eloquent poster. Reminds me of a still from Tsai Ming-Liang's 'I Don't Want to Sleep Alone'.

Cool site!
Nobody Knows said…
Wow... i would love to see it.. unfortunatly not all of his movies arrive to portugal. i have only seen: iron 3.. the isle.. smaritan girl an spring, ...!! thanks for visiting my blog. nice to meet you.