Sweeney Todd

Director - Tim Burton

Genre - Crime/Drama/Musical/Thriller

A musical starring Johnny Depp? Our fears of this being a colossal mistake proved unfounded as this Tim Burton vehicle actually worked amazingly. And Johnny Depp can sing! Who would have known? This isn't the sort of musical you can bring your whole family to though. Your kids would probably have infinite nightmares. It's a musical bathed in blood and filled with visually dark, gothic scenes. The kind Burton revels in devilish abandon. Watch out for Sacha Baron Cohen who is without doubt the 'New Peter Sellers'.


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Ed Howard said…
Actually, Johnny Depp can't sing, but the film works anyway. I thought Helena Bonham Carter carried the film; any scene with her is just instantly elevated by her very presence, and she can sing quite well. Depp gets by, because it's not a part that requires a virtuoso, and because he's a great actor. The film struggles a bit in the opening scenes, and in all the material with the younger couple, but there are so many fun, grisly numbers, filmed with style and panache, that the film is able to recover.
We felt Johnny Depp sang his soul out in the film and that is all that matters. We're not Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson but our votes would go out to Mr Depp if he were to enter 'American Idol'. He would have given all those 'singers' a run for their money.

There are many different kinds of singing and being 'virtuoso' is not the only one. Kurt Cobain wasn't exactly what you'd call the greatest singer of all time and yet he reached an ocean of admiring listeners with his inimitable style of singing.

Depp didn't sing off-key, did he? And on that note (no pun intended), we'd like to reiterate that he definitely CAN sing.