Crows Zero

Director - Takashi Miike

Genre - Action/Comedy

Posturing and glaring. This inane film by Takashi Miike is bursting at the seams with posturing and glaring, all in a hackneyed attempt at being cool. A school without lessons or teachers exists in this manga-adapted story, wherein students brawl for fame and respect. It isn't kung fu either, just mostly fist-fighting without rhyme or reason. At least if it's martial arts, Muay-Thai or kickboxing we'd understand. Strictly for the manga-obsessed fraternity. We'd rather be knitting or playing Jenga.


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elgringo said…
You're the second person I've seen write about Crows Zero. The other review is here:

The Kinetoscope Parlor is a great blog.
Hi elgringo, thanks for the recommendation. We've been reading the blog, like you said, it's great. :)