Mulholland Drive

Director - David Lynch

Genre - Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Arguably Lynch's best work to date. Sensual, thrilling and downright mind-bending, this is Lynch at the height of his artistry. The precise music, plot and acting all come together to form a cinematic dream that only Lynch can conjure. Naomi Watts's meticulously timed emotions as her character goes through various changes is truly an amazing thing to watch.


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Shubhajit said…
Undoubtedly a superb movie this is. And any word of praise that i might choose to say for Naomi Watt's bleary-eyed/emotionally fractured double act will sound understated - thats how devastating and brilliant she was. One of the finest performances by an actress.
CavedogRob said…
Certainly one of his best but I think "The Straight Story" is Lynch's greatest!
wirrow said…
one of my favourite movies but.. i dunno. once u get under the skin of inland empire..i think it has the edge. it draws u in more than mulholland. but i guess mulholland has a straighter story.
theres sthng i never expected to say