Director - Danny Boyle

Genre - Adventure/Sci-Fi/Thriller

This movie by Danny Boyle is a complete disappointment. The sun is dying and a group of scientists are sent to re-ignite it. What is this? 'Armageddon 2'? There are some nice shots here of the sun which is treated like a god-like entity for some reason but the rest of the film is just too cliched and melodramatic. Michelle Yeoh's portrayal of a plant-loving scientist deserves singling out for being one of the most annoying characters ever in movies. Overlong, overcooked and overly pretentious.


All about Sunshine


Replicant said…
I loved the first 1/2 of this...that was why I like reading/watching sci-fi. The last 1/3 or 1/2 was a total disaster for me! The shift in story was ridiculous and over the top.
Anonymous said…
Be ye not fooled, Replicant. The thing is stupid all the way through. Give it a moment's thought, then ask yourself one simple question: Are these the people I would entrust with a mission this important? (Hint: the answer rhymes with "blow.")
wirrow said…
hmm i duno man. i enjoyed the movie.
i loved the godlikeness/druglikeness of the sun. i loved the twist/ish dude at the end.
there was a lot of pretentious dialogue but thats down to alex garland who is king of pretentious dialogue. i thought 28 days later had a lot more cringy moments.
the visuals and the music was great in this.
i would give it a 4star rating. boyle's best film

also i have to say i absolutely adore this site. its a perfect idea
Hi Wirrow, thanks for your comments on our blog. From the atmospheres and layouts of your blogs, we know that you'd love this film, and we're glad that you loved it! :)

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