Trailer for 'Sad Dream'

Here's the trailer for Kim Ki-Duk's latest movie 'Sad Dream' (Bi-mong, [비몽]) starring Lee Na-Young and Japanese actor Joe Odagiri. Visit here for its latest poster.


foodprismpunk said…
Thanks for the comment, altough I have absolutely NO IDEA how the hell you managed to find my blog. Weird stuff, this internet I mean. I like this blog, I like the mixture of new and old films. You've done well. I'll be sure to keep returning.

I agree, I feel this film is going to be murderous great. Can't wait, just can't wait. For now the remastered Wong Kar-Wai films will have to keep me company, and my heart in shape.
Thanks for stopping by foodprismpunk. Well, there's always search engine out there.

Yes, can't wait to see it too! :)
lomodeedee said…
great blog! thx for sharing this video. asian cinematography is amazing!
Hi lomodeedee, thanks. Your blog and photography is great too! Indeed, Kim Ki-Duk is truly a maestro.
Nobody Knows said…
i just hope the movie comes to portugal.. otherwise i will cry cry cry :P
We're sure it will. Otherwise, you can get the DVD online. :)