Audition (Ôdishon)

Director - Takashi Miike

Genre - Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller

This Takashi Miike film is notoriously known internationally for its violence. What makes it stand out from the onslaught of violent movies like 'Saw' or 'Hostel' though is the masterful direction. Carefully setting up this immensely suspenseful thriller with detailed pacing, Miike forces us to explore our deepest fears. The protagonists here are normal, everyday people like us who are triggered like landmines placed strategically in the film. A terrifying and unsettling excursion into madness.


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houseinrlyeh said…
That's one of my all-time favorites. The more effective the less one knows about it going in for the first time.
CavedogRob said…
A great frightening film! And another excellent review!
Meinte said…
A stunning film! But only for the ones that like Asian cinema
Douglas Racso said…
this movie gives me the creeps
stiglegger said…
I love this film. It also works on several viewings. Very impressive. Probably Miike's best film ever.