Dexter: Season 1 & 2

TV Series: Season 1 & 2
Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

This exceptional series broke through the barricades of uninspired television like a blooming daffodil in the middle of a barren desert. Both a predatory creature and probably the most palpable superhero ever conceived, Dexter Morgan may be a serial murderer, but his kills are always validated by a need to rid the world of evil wrongdoers. Still, we're only just scraping the surface of what he truly is, as 'Dexter' may very well be the most complex character ever created for the small screen. Its writers have really done the medium proud, setting the bar so high it seems impossible to ever match.


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CavedogRob said…
Don't watch much TV (I don't have SHO anyway...) but your review once again intrigues me...
amy said…
I really like the show, but I feel the best season so far has been season 1. Also, I think Dexter is based on a novel, so you may very well say "it's the most complex character ever adapted for the small screen".

I also wonder who can I email to ask something about this project. ^^ You can just contact me through my URL (sorry protecting against spam).
Thanks for the comments guys.

Rob - Hope you'll get to watch it!
Amy - Oh really? Thanks for pointing that out. :)