Nobody Knows (Dare mo shiranai)

Director - Hirokazu Koreeda

Genre - Drama

Discarded by their heartless, pathologically irresponsible mother like last night's leftovers, a couple of kids have to make do with life's unforgiving truth. Led by the eldest sibling (Yuya Yagira - winner of Best Actor in Cannes 2004), they soon learn that the world is not one big playground. Yagira is without doubt the spotlighted treat here as his calm exterior movingly betray a seething rage waiting to eat away at the core of his brittle family structure. Showing a marked maturity for someone so young, he represents a symbolic window into a world where sometimes the light just refuses to shine.


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filmguy said…
Good movie - definitely a 4 star; good review, too!
Hey filmguy, thanks for stopping by and the comment!