The Other Boleyn Girl

Director - Justin Chadwick

Genre - Biography/Drama/History/Romance

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman play two sisters vying for the attention of a very married King, starring Eric Bana. Sounds like a formula for a hot, sexy history lesson yes? Sadly, it remains a missed opportunity as the filmmakers have diluted the sensuous aspect of the story so much if felt like in comparison 'Dangerous Liaisons' was hardcore porn. A soap opera-ish tale is then served cold, taking sexy away instead of bringing it back. Our hope of catching the two nubile beauties in more intimate situations for the price of one film is completely crushed and we'll never forgive the director. Never.


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CavedogRob said…
Great review. The title of this movie always made me laugh for some reason...
Andy Briones said…
The trailer was enough to drive me away from this film — all hype, no depth.

Love your comment about how you'll never forgive the director. :D