Director - Brian De Palma

Genre - Crime/Drama

"Say hello to my little friend!" This line and many more in this film are now iconic dialogues in world cinema. The distinction of being the baddest gangster who ever lived on screen arguably belongs to Tony Montana. Vile, extravagant and saturated in sex and drugs, this film fictitiously chronicling the rise of a Cuban drug dealer from insignificance is scintillating. Pacino's performance from the Cuban accent to his vulgar, savage personification will just slay you. Way before Bling culture was hot, Tony Montana was already living the life.


All about Scarface


Shubhajit said…
Great review. I have watched Scarface, and though I did like it, I'm not as enthusiastic about it. I know Pacino's character was meant to be over-the-top, but it really turn out to be a memorable character for me. Even the look of the movie was too loud and garish. I prefer more moody and understated gangster movies like Mean Streets and Godfather. But Pacino, undoubtedly, was very good in his depiction of the "baddest gangster" as you so aptly have put it.
To tell you the truth, we're not exactly De Palma's greatest fans. His films are almost always too over the top. The only ones we liked were 'Casualties of War' and this.

Tony Montana in 'Scarface' was bigger than life. You would have to be a little crazy really if you're gonna be a huge drug dealer. With your life in danger all the time and people whom you don't trust surrounding you, you'd go cuckoo too. That is why we had no problem with Al Pacino's excessive portrayal. He drove the whole film with his persona, making us forgive even the tacky soundtrack. Also, this is a role that we could imagine nobody else but Pacino playing.