Street Kings

Director - David Ayer

Genre - Crime/Action/Thriller

David Ayer (writer of 'Training Day') decides to stay close to the ghetto streets which made his name. Interestingly, he has chosen Keanu Reeves to headline his baby here. Much have been bandied about regarding Reeves's acting. We personally feel Woody from 'Toy Story' is a better actor. Fortunately, Reeves holds steady here somewhat. His portrayal of a morally uncertain tough cop who investigates the gunning down of another cop is not great, but adequate. High-octane cop thriller with bullet-speed dialogue.

3.5 STARS!

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Anonymous said…
Keanu did a great job in Street Kings. Many people thought so. He was rugged, and is very good at playing cops! He was also convincing when he wanted to find out the truth. Some twist and turns, this movie was very entertaining.
Reel Whore said…
I think Keanu was best in Something's Gotta Give. Still, his Michael Madsen-esque portrayal of a cop was pretty good. The heavy thug-cop lingo bugged me a bit, but Street Kings was an exciting film.