Director - Kwak Jae-Young

Genre - Comedy/Crime/Drama/Romance

The Koreans release a multitude of manufactured, formulaic romance flicks into the world each year. Throw in a pretty face, some melancholic music and a story about two lost souls bound together by a shared passion for stamp collecting might just sell. This film by the director of 'My Sassy Girl' however belongs to a higher class of the heart-tuggin' genre. When a policewoman (the same adorable babe who starred in the movie mentioned above) falls for a guy cursed with bad luck, a tale of love that would last a thousand lifetimes begins to unravel.


All about Windstruck


sitenoise said…
I thought the first half of the film was decent enough but then ****SPOILER*** the guy dies and the movie experiments with every film genre available to milk a little more face time from what's her name for no reason. I love the Korean melodrama, can't get enough, but I don't think this one measures up.
What's wrong with giving the actress more face time? She was the life of the movie for us and we love her. There was nothing wrong with the story or the treatment.

Romance movies are often bigger than life. If they're as monotonous as our own love lives, would we care? Maybe your love life reads 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', but not all of us are that lucky. :)
Juniper Girl said…
Windstruck is beautiful, but i like more My sassy girl. The actress, and the story is more beautiful.
SolShine7 said…
I'd give it a try.