20th Century Boys: Chapter 2 Trailer

The second installment of Yukihiko Tsutsumi's '20th Century Boys' (20 Seiki Shônen, 『20世紀少年』) Trilogy. It is the year 2015, and 'Friend' is still around and keeping close tabs on Kenji's (Toshiaki Karasawa) mission. Kanna (Airi Taira) is now 17-years-old and living in Tokyo. With 'Friend' becoming even more popular with his millions of devout worshipers, she decides it's up to her to bring him down. She manages to get some help from her dad's old pals along the way, but 'Friend' always seems to be one step ahead. Slated for release in Japan on January 31, 2009.

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Source from Twitch and Nippon Cinema


Jenn said…
Even I understand the languange, but It's look good...

I thinks this film tell about "the mask" man... :)

Good Luck
SolShine7 said…
I'd like to see this one. It reminds me of V for Vendetta.