The Incredible Hulk

Director - Louis Leterrier

Genre - Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Ed Norton expands on his 'Primal Fear' role, unleashing a bigger, more destructive monster into the world of comic book geeks and common moviegoers alike. Unlike the computer generated disaster that was Ang Lee's crime towards mainstream movies however, this Hulk makes Eric Bana's look like a huge boy throwing a big tantrum. Staying true to Hulk's origin and the TV series, a new life is injected into the now promising franchise, and our jolly green giant is able to thus rise out of the ashes of Ang Lee's mess. Hulk Smash!!!

3.5 STARS!

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MovieMan0283 said…
I actually enjoyed the much-maligned Ang Lee Hulk (unlike most comic-book films of the past few years) and hence had little to no interest in the "remake" or whatever the hell they wanted to call this.
thebonebreaker said…
I enjoyed Ang Lee's Hulk as well, though I will admit that this one was better! :-)