Fallen Angels

Director - Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Drama

This is perhaps Wong Kar Wai's least meaningful film. The stylistic strokes here are almost too overbearing, Wong seemingly giving stalwart cinematographer Christopher Doyle permission to go wild. Two assassins for hire played by Leon Lai and Michelle Reis navigate the slums of Hong Kong, with Reis's character secretly falling for her stone-faced colleague. Salaciously shot scene of bodacious babe Reis 'servicing' herself aside, this is a film where the camerawork has run rampant, shoving the already lightweight script mercilessly to the kerb.


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Shubhajit said…
Personally, I quite like the movie. The psychedelic camera work, in many ways, formed a visual/surreal depiction of the severe loneliness and disturbance inwardly experienced by the tortured characters. Urban alienation, Kar-Wai's favourite theme, has been taken to distressing levels in Fallen Angels.
Shubhajit said…
Hi, I recently watched the Kim Ki-Duk movie you strongly advised me to watch - Spring, Summer... - and have posted its review. Do let me know your opinions.

You may find two other Kim movie reviews at my blog as well - 3-Iron and Samaritan Girl.
Hey mate, sure! Thanks for the updates.
Ian said…
I'm with your other commenter on this, I enjoy the film a lot! :) But against Chungking, Mood, Happy Together, etc., it isn't one of his most popular. Now, As Tears Go By - that was bloody horrible :)
eni said…
that's not the best wong kar wai movie but a still a nice one..
cool blog you have i'm adding it immediately as i'm a sucker for movies, especially non-hollywood movies;)
illusions said…
after watching a couple of films by Wong Kar Wai i realized that probably it was Christopher Doyle's cinematography that attracted me more than Wai's direction..i liked the story telling pattern of chungking express and fallen angels.have you guys seen "days of being wild"?
Thanks for the comments guys. Hi Illusions, we do have review on 'Days Of Being Wild', and yes, we loved it.