Director - Vincent Paronnaud &
Marjane Satrapi

Genre - Animation/Biography/Drama/War

An account of life in Iran through the eyes of a precocious girl who fought for freedom all through her restricted, devalued existence as a female in a male-dominated country. The filmmakers here have taken the animated genre and turned it into a noir-ish, 'documentary in drawn form' mixture which took us by surprise. Its powerful, potent story with sprinklings of hilarity and poignancy resonate well over the 2D form it is in, reaching and capturing our hearts with cinematic splendor.


All about Persepolis


rosalie said…
i quite liked it, too, more than i expected (i would suggest 4 stars as well ;) ).

well, so this is the direction to my post.
MovieMan0283 said…
I've been wanting to see this for a while, but the intricacies of Netflix queues have prevented it. I expect to watch (and probably review) it early next year, however.