Bangkok Dangerous

Director - Oxide & Danny Pang

Genre - Action/Crime/Thriller

Nic Cage's hair looks like boiled seaweed in this film. And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Cage's love interest turns out to be a mute pharmacist. Are there even such a thing? What's next, blind surgeons? Deaf psychiatrists? Jeez...let's move on to the story then. Cage plays an assassin who all of a sudden feels the need to reach out and break away from acute loneliness. He picks a thief and a mute woman for this purpose. Go figure. Anyway, if you're hankering for a 'The Killer' (with Chow Yun Fatt) type of movie, this might just pull your trigger. We thought Chow had way better hair though.


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Fletch said…
LOL at your first sentence.
CavedogRob said…
Lol! Boiled seaweed! I'll wait for this one to hit cable. Thanks!
Haha! Thanks for the comments buddies!
This movie ruined Cage for me. Or was it Cage who ruined the movie for me. Either way i regret seeing this movie , bah