Director - Matt Reeves

Genre - Mystery/Sci-Fi

Some have compared this to 'The Blair Witch Project', a misconception of almost blasphemous proportions if we have anything to say about it. 'Blair Witch' was a gimmicky one trick pony which would just falter upon second viewing. This film however, is a smart reinvention of a genre which is done almost to death. Totally unlike others of its ilk, this movie will actually have you caring for its characters in their perilous situations. Taut action and a raw, on the ground feel make this a viewing priority.


All about Cloverfield


I agree with your review... I thought this film was particularly clever in it's use of the video tape to narrate a non-linear story line.
I just watched this again on Blu-Ray and it was as good as I remembered it, if not better. The film was so smartly done. It was definitely a genre piece, but set itself apart -- it didn't try to mimic other films, but rather make its own way.
MovieMan0283 said…
The movie was well-done but I disagree with "caring for its characters"; after half an hour of watching these pseudo-yuppie partyboys and girls navel-gaze, I couldn't wait for the monster to come along and eat them. True, once the carnage started it was so gripping (and the camerawork so nauseating) that you sort of found yourself in their shoes, but this had less to do with the characters than the situations, I think.
taw_jo said…
You could not be further from the truth. Blair witch was scary and innovative and rightfully placed among the 100 scariest films by the Chicago Film Critics Association. Cloverfield is boring and we don't care for the yuppie a**holes one bit. The computer effects are bad which cannot be forgiven with regards to the size of the film's budget. reconsider!
We won't attempt to convert you. Obviously you're very passionate about 'Blair Witch'. It would be like getting a cat person to like dog. It is absolutely fine by us if you didn't enjoy this.

'Blair Witch' for us was a low budget film lacking in story and directorial skills. All we remembered from that film was some guy pissing in the dark. 'Cloverfield' had many memorable moments and that is hard to achieve in an action film. We reconsidered and are staying put with our rating.