The Happening

Director - M. Night Shyamalan

Genre - Mystery/Sci-Fi

The movie's title does little to explain the story. It could very well have been called 'The Occurrence' or 'The Incident' and we would still harbor a tinge of hope that M. Night might surprise us yet again. What we got instead was a story so reliant on its own inflated self-importance it just fell apart under the weight of its lofty aspirations. Shyamalan should have relinquished his duty as writer a long time ago and just direct. He peaked as a scribe for his earlier 3 films but now he needs to let go or it will ruin him.


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rosalie said…
your review to the point ;)

poor, if not even 'sucks'..
I personally think that he peaked with Unbreakable. It was all downhill from then.
MovieMan0283 said…
I would like to see not just Shymalan, who desperately needs it, but also someone like Wes Anderson, who's in a bit of a rut, to direct from someone else's screenplay. And not one written for them (or, on the other hand, a conventional genre movie ala Linklater with School of Rock).