Be Kind Rewind

Director - Michel Gondry

Genre - Comedy

If this film put to light one thing, it is that Michel Gondry can't do funny. His penchant for the lighter, more carefree side of life as if seen through the eyes of an eternally childlike purveyor of fun and games look practically silly here. Jack Black's overzealous enthusiasm feels annoyingly like unwanted pool water in your ears after a swim and the script by Gondry is trite and slovenly. Most damning of all, the thrift store remakes of pictures like 'Ghostbusters' and 'Robocob' aren't even as hilarious as some people (presumably the same ones who found 'Hot Fuzz' humorous) make them out to be.

1.5 STARS!

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rosalie said…
indeed this one was some kind of extremely weird and it bored me a bit.. but as i remember there were a few really funny scenes to see in it :P

but anyhow- as 'eternal sunshine of a spotless mind' as well as 'the science of sleep' are definately more than worth-seeing- two certainly not to miss ;)
I was immediately and completely enchanted by The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine, but I haven't even been able to bring myself to watch this film - I don't know why, but this review confirms that my hesitancy is right.
MovieMan0283 said…
I thought this was all right (actually, it was my first blog review ever) but a bit forced. Nonetheless, the ideas present in it were interesting to chew on.