Iron Man

Director - Jon Favreau

Genre - Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Robert Downey Jr. turns on the charm and everything else in this. He's suave, irreverent and loving every minute of it as a superhero and we're converted as well. Goodbye Spidey. You were alright but Tony Stark is a grown man you understand... Mr. Stark also doesn't waste time moping around like The Dark Knight or The Hulk. He is an attention-grabbin', egocentric genius and we love him for it. A nice diversion from the morose Batman and you have got to adore that suit! It's every man's metallic dream! Jon Favreau enters the big league with this and obliterates the awful memory of 'Zhatura'.


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Batman and Spiderman can't help but be Corny... For heaven's sake they are films about men running around in a Bat and spider Costumes.

Iron Man is something a little more conceivable not to mention respectable.

I look forward to the next installment. I wonder if the Terrance Howard Drama will effect the overall quality of the film...
Yeah, looking forward to it too.
Sukachu said…
Saw Iron Man last year in the cinema, quite liked it. Looking forward to a next part as well.