Director - Sidney Lumet

Genre - Biography/Crime/Drama

Based on a true story. As a biopic, it probably stands to this day as one of the best, in-depth films on a person's life. Al Pacino takes on the role of an incorruptible cop who battles his own department and eventually the whole force in order to bring down bribery. Pacino not only goes through a wide range of hairdos and fashion changes, his range of emotions here will leave you insanely envious of his talents. In Lumet's safe hands, Pacino is like an acting phoenix, in flight with wings of ready tics and nuances that are blisteringly real.


All about Serpico


CavedogRob said…
Great review of a great movie! How long before Hollywood remakes it?
I would like to see this. I'm way behind the curve, as I just recently saw The Godfather I and II.

I was blown away by Al Pacino - I had no idea about the kind of actor he used to be. Brilliant.
So true. Check out Pacino in 'Dog Day Afternoon' as well, we were blown away by his performance just like you.
Another film along similar lines is Fort Apache: The Bronx. Although it has a made for Tv feel, I actually liked it a little more than Serpico. Although it is a ling shot from being a bad film, I felt like Serpico should have been shot a little more grittier.