Pulp Fiction

Director - Quentin Tarantino

Genre - Crime/Drama

This is the film that propelled Quentin Tarantino from indie auteur into a bonafide iconic director with megastar credentials. With an explosive script filled to the brim with pop culture anecdotes and funny observations on life, it is unmistakably a cinematic tour de force. All the actors in the ensemble cast are terrific, especially Samuel L. Jackson who was magnificiently badass. Factor in all that good stuff with a supercool soundtrack, and you have the perfect combo of indie aesthetics with mainstream appeal.


All about Pulp Fiction


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Good reviews, as always!
Shubhajit said…
One of my favourite movies by one of my favourite directors.
Anh Khoi Do said…
One of my favourite films! I didn't even expect Tarantino to shuffle the different chapters of the story to make them appear at different parts. However, seeing it, a few years ago, was a smell of fresh air.
aniramzee said…
wat i liked best was the fact that there's no story, yet its a mind blowing film.
MovieMan0283 said…
It really is hard to write off or dismiss this movie. I'm quite weary of its cultural influence, and find the film perhaps a trifle flip and full of itself, but that's more or less nitpicking with a film I long ago accepted as outstanding.

That said, I never cared for the Willis-French girl scenes, which I found tedious (the only tedious moments in the movie) with all their cutesy, annoying dialogue and talk of pot bellies.
eamndb said…
I feel that this is one film that influenced(changed?) the development arc of filmmaking... Great review!