Director - Danny Boyle

Genre - Comedy/Crime/Drama

This movie is Danny Boyle's finest and the one that illuminates his status in the filmmaking world. Harrowing, darkly humorous and swaggeringly cool, it's a film that warrants repeated viewings. The characters played by Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller are memorable and endearing despite being drug fiends who would trade their own mothers for a fix if given a chance. Unbelievably creative use of cinematography and a fantastic soundtrack also gives this exhilirating film a definitive edge.


All about Trainspotting


Shubhajit said…
Absolutely agree with with every word. Great review of a fantastic movie!
Hi mate, great to know that you agreed with our view!
Shubhajit said…
:) We don't always disagree, do we?
I Danny Boyle, and this is definitely one of his best films, if not the best!!