12 Angry Men

Director - Sidney Lumet

Genre - Drama

A murder had occurred and a jury of twelve men (why weren't there at least one woman? Maybe '12 Angry Citizens' didn't have as nice a ring to it) are called upon to pass judgment. As the day winds down to its last hours, no agreement is in sight and tempers are flared. Trapped in that little space together, all their ugly traits begin to surface. Kinda like a reality show, no? But unlike 'America's Next Top Bitch', this film although fictitious is starkly more real than Tyra Banks's tears.


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wirrow said…
come on guyss this is THE 5-star movie..
there is sso much to it.. its the classicest of classics.
its perfect
Shubhajit said…
A terrific character study. The key aspect of the movie lies in the gradual peeling off of layers from the 12 angry men to reveal who they really are. Exceptional camera work made the atmosphere that much more claustrophobic and engaging.
CavedogRob said…
An excellent movie and only Jack Klugman survives!