Director - Gaspar Noé

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Gaspar Noé's twisted movie is both innovative in structure and genre. Watching this, you'll feel that you've turned a wrong corner in a wrong side of town. It's unflinching in its depiction of the evil that humans do and our minds are forever fu*ked from the experience. Monica Bellucci shines in a daring and very difficult role. It is hard to imagine any Hollywood actress fearless enough to take on something like this.


All about Irréversible


Anamnesis said…
This film forever changed me, I can honestly say it would be one of the most uncomfortable cinema going experiences I have ever had. It is an amazingly well made movie, I am a fan of non chronological story telling, but in this instance it is a necessity. The emotional impact would have been far greater if the story had been told in the correct time-line, but as it stands the film serves as an excellent example of the depravity to which humans can descend through its depiction of violence without motive. However, once the motive becomes clear it truly changes your perspective. Especially if you try to analyze how you would have felt about things if you had known the motive from the beginning.

Totally agree with your review :)
Thanks, and well said mate!
drynwhyl said…
I have to agree with Anamnesis, this film is one of the most uncomfortable and shocking movie experiences I have ever had. I've often thought of seeing one of Noé's other films, but am still slightly hesitant.

Great review!
sitenoise said…
Watching this was a physical experience. Noe actually used frequencies known to induce nausea. And it was absolutely bizarre how 'feel good' it ends up making you feel. Amazing film. Cassell and Bellucci, real life lovers. A lot was unscripted. Did you catch the part in the club where Cassell slips up and actually introduces himself to someone as Vincent?
Probably, and thought we've heard it wrongly due to nausea. :)