Lars Von Trier’s 'Antichrist' Trailer

“A glimpse into the dark world of my imagination, into the nature of my fears, into the nature of Antichrist.” Lars Von Trier. Yes, just click on the play button for the trailer, and it's creepy...... 'Antichrist' premieres in Cannes this year.

Source from Twitch.


I'm undecided about whether or not I want to see this -- I'm always intrigued when people say that a movie "has gone too far," (mostly because it's never usually true), and I thought Dogville was a strangely good movie.

But I'm also very skeptical of a director who can't make anything but movies about self-deprecation, with strong overtures of sadomasochism. Can't at least one of his films have some other kind of theme?
We're not really big fans of Von Trier either. We've seen only two of his movies, 'Dancer in the Dark' and 'Breaking The Waves'. 'Dancer in the Dark' was too weird and whiny for us. 'Breaking The Waves' was a good one though...

If all his movies dwell in self-deprecation then we're not missing much, are we? 'Breaking The Waves' was a beautiful one though, in spite of its 'downer' theme.

We all have our ways of expressing ourselves. Van Gogh, Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci did not veer very far from what they know best. Not all of us are Kubrick or the Beatles. Maybe Von Trier believes that only through observing pain do we really see the truth in life. Maybe he doesn't see the point in exploring other genres.

Whatever the reason, we feel that he does have his place in the vast film industry based solely on the strength of 'Breaking The Waves' alone. :)