Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Director - Woody Allen

Genre - Drama/Romance

A cynical look at love and all the complications it entails. Allen gets us all worked up, hot and bothered over a foursome who have very differing views on coupling. Yet, it is this aspect of the film and of course, Allen's script which had us glued instantaneously. Javier Bardem plays a roving cad who exudes animalistic, musky charm but make no mistake, this film is all Rebecca Hall's. We think she will be a force to reckon with if given more chances in her acting career. She came on like boiling water here. Cold, lukewarm and then whoah mama! A star is born.


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siutou_amy said…
oh, yeah! I was also impressed with Rebecca Hall on this one, even though Penelope took all the awards. ;P Perks of being supporting I guess...

And Scarlett... well, I was disappointed with her. She was very blah in contrast to Hall and Cruz.
Haha, we thought Scarlett did her part quite well. :)
I was absolutely smitten with this film - from beginning to end it was entertaining! I loved everyone who was in this film!