Across The Universe

Director - Julie Taymor

Genre - Adventure/Drama/Musical/Romance

They say those who don't like The Beatles don't really like music itself. We're pullin' your legs. Nobody said that but we at 1minutefilmreview believe that to be true somehow. They were highly inventive, magnificent songwriters and musicians who continue to inspire and bring happiness to generations of old and new devotees. This film not only utilized The Beatles' extensive catalogue of valued gems, it repackaged and reintroduced these hits again to new listeners. The actors are a bit too predictable in their parts for our tastes but the real stars here aren't them. The Beatles are front and center again and if you're a detractor (you're a fan of Akon and Shaggy aren't you? Come on, admit it), you won't like this. It's as simple as that.

3.5 STARS!

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