Ho Yuhang's 'At The End of Daybreak' Trailer

We always thought that Ho Yuhang is one of Malaysia's promising independent directors, and indeed he is. See how we liked about his 'Rain Dogs'. Check out his latest film 'At The End of Daybreak' trailer below, and this film is also about to become the first Malaysian film ever to screen in competition at Locarno.


ignis fatuus said…
Good shits! It made malaysian arthouse indie look so promising again, and that's my most fav Faye Wong's track. I am all excited already, we'll go watch together, secara ramai ramai.
Haha, that's cool! Can't wait to see it too.
jennybee said…
Interesting blog. I'll have to check it out again. I found it when I clicked on your name at Living in Cinema.
Hi Jennybee, thanks for stopping by, and welcome aboard!