Roger & Me

Director - Michael Moore

Genre - Documentary/Comedy/Drama

This is Michael Moore before Columbine happened. Before 9/11. We realized all at once when we viewed this documentary, Moore's appeal lies in being contemporary. In being right in the eye of the hurricane when all hell has broken loose. Maybe it is partly our fault for watching this too late but we feel that the subject matter is itself too personal to the filmmaker and not at all to us. As usual, Moore goes after a big corporation and this time the target's on Roger Smith, chairman of General Motors. Roger is depicted like a demonic, soulless prick out to rob the poor out of their jobs in order to fill his own coffers. When Moore takes on the United States of America and paints it as Satan, the entertainment level is lava-hot. This Roger guy and our own boss don't differ much.

2.5 STARS!

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Ben said…
Roger and Me is just as relevant today as when it was released. Corporate behaviour has only gotten worse in the interim years.
This was Moore's best work.
Not as good as 'Bowling For Columbine' but still has its moments.
afilmaday said…
Reading notes about this movie, it's interesting how he has always been a manipulative documentary film-maker for he had indeed managed to get into some direct contact with Roger but chose to edit it out for dramatic effect.
You're right. He doesn't care about being fair. He wants his opinions heard loud and clear. Could be a good thing, could be bad, depends on where you stand. They're more like movies than documentaries anyway.