Director - Larry Charles

Genre - Comedy

Comedy is actually very very hard to do. If you're Sacha Baron Cohen though, making people laugh appear to be what you were born to do in this world. Your god-given gift. We loved 'Borat' and had high hopes for this. Alas, lightning didn't strike twice and we ended up with some genuine laughs and some, not so. The fault lies in 'Brüno' being decidedly more staged than 'Borat' was. This is more of a film than 'Borat', with more scripted scenes and story arcs, which isn't necessary better. We feel robbed of the element of surprise here as it is more predictable than Cohen's last film. It feels like Cohen is channeling Adam Sandler with this. The fact that the whole film revolved mostly around gay jokes also didn't help. It gets really uncomfortable after awhile. Trust us.

2.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…
I still haven't given this a try. I've heard and read mixed reviews, so I still wonder if I should give this a try. xD
At its worst, it is still better than an Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler vehicle Amy. We just expected way more from Cohen. There were hilarious moments, but these were too few and far between. 'Borat' trumps this by a mile.
Sat_hi_sh said…
I dunno whats with these GAY jokes ,they are more annoying than proviking laughter ......

anyways going by ur review ,i might give BORAT a try :)
Zach said…
I still haven't seen this, and I have no intentions to. I liked Borat, but I just think this character will annoy the heck out of me, I mean I was already annoyed by it just from the previews. Also, it sounds like I would get sick of the gay jokes.