Fight Club

Director - David Fincher

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

Based on cult author Chuck Palahniuk's novel, this is a movie that will throw you violently out of your comfort zone and into a grungy, unhinged world. 'Matrix' was science fiction. This, horrifyingly, could actually happen in real life. Edward Norton and Brat Pitt both turned in edgy performances but it's Fincher who is the true star here, directing from a script that many directors might not even have the balls to attempt. Ballsy and rife with cynicism courtesy of Palahniuk's angst-ridden mind, this is a film which put Palahniuk's name on everyone's lips while firmly securing Fincher's place in the arena of cinema. Warning: may turn mild-mannered chaps into full blown terrorists or to a lesser extent, terribly fond of picking fights with close friends and people at work (the latter may only refer to us).


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Shubhajit said…
Yeah, this was one awesome movie. And Brad Pitt was absolutely terrific. Loved the movie for exactly the same reasons as you've mentioned - for being unabashedly ballsy, unapologetically cynical and ridden with so much of existential angst.
Right on, brother! Not to mention that it wasn't at all an easy thing directing from a script like that, right?

You're liable to 'Choke' if you're not a fine director like Fincher. That other film seems to have disappeared into oblivion. We haven't caught that one. Did you?
ignis fatuus said…
what 4 stars? 5 stars la..

One meets tyler and his life will never be the same again. A movie that changed many peoples perspective about consumerism, philosophy and life priorities.

But sir, the first rule is you are not supposed to talk about it.
Vivek said…
I'm a big fan of Se7en and kinda liked Game as well (which had a strange resemblance to a Hindi film made couple of years back).
But I have never got around to seeing Fight Club for some reason. Maybe some day :)
ignis fatuus - Tyler has his rules and we have ours. The 1st rule for us in giving 5 stars to any film is that it has to make us love it unconditionally. Everything for us was great except for the slightly too over the top ending. Just a tad. A tiny, teensy-weensy feeling which made us hold back and go, wait a minute... We're just anal like that. :)

Vivek - Watch it today. Some movies you have to watch and some you don't. The 'Game', truthfully speaking, we wouldn't have felt bad if we've never watched it thinking back. This one has Brad Pitt and Ed Norton acting the devil's thorns out of a Chuck Palahniuk novel! What's holding you back?! You'll thank us later. Believe in the hype this time.
Zach said…
Definitely one of my favorite films. And possibly, Brad Pitt's best role.
I agree with your statements about the ballsiness and edginess of it.
Sat_hi_sh said…
Kewl review man ,havent seen this movie yet bot will surely watch it soon :)

my blog is also about movies ,i wud be happy if u cud drop by & leave ur comments :)

being a movie bluff i love ur blog :)

btw u have a new follower :)

keep blogging
Thanks for the comments Zach and Sathish.

We'll definitely check out your blog Sathish. Keep up the good work too :)