In The Mood For Love

Director - Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Drama/Romance

Wong Kar Wai has taken the plight of the rejected to the utmost extreme here. Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung play two lost souls abandoned by their respective spouses. They then find themselves confiding in each other, their bleedin' hearts laid bare in the grim, cavernous chasm of the unloved. Wong is a master in manipulating our emotions. Utilizing exquisitely compelling music, formidable performances and Doyle's ravishing cinematography, he has managed to tug at the pliant strings of our beating hearts. The period costumes and sets are first-rate, evoking a classy, unforgettable time.


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Osprey said…
I agree - a well-done film that creates an entire world.
siutou_amy said…
I love this film too. Sooo so good~
You should check out the alternative ending in special features which I felt made the film more complete.
Shubhajit said…
Terrific review of a really wonderful and heart breakingly evocative movie. Wong Kar-Wai sure has a thing for unrequited love and the lost souls of the world. By the way, do also watch his 2046, which is a very loose companion piece to this movie (a pseudo-sequel of sorts).
Thanks for the comments guys!

Kogi - There's an alternate ending? We saw this in the cinema which only featured the usual special features - trailers, ads and jerks talking on their cellphones. Anyway, thanks for the info. We really appreciate it!

Shubhajit - Haha. You are too kind, buddy. We did watch '2046'. Tony Leung's room number in 'In The Mood For Love' was 2046 as well. Unrequited love is a theme which comes up every time in Wong's movies you're right about that. Kind of makes you wonder what Mrs. Wong think about it. "Who's this woman you're always pining for in your films? What am I, the substitute?" :)
Shubhajit said…
That, or perhaps Mrs. Wong made him toil really hard to get through to her heart. And perhaps these movies finally did the trick ;)
I'd really like to read a review of 2046 by you guys! Why haven't you done it yet?? haha :)