Director - Mark Palansky

Genre - Comedy/Fantasy/Romance

As fairy tales go, this isn't half bad. But then, fairy tales have a certain "been there, done before" curse which almost always takes away their appeal. Christina Ricci is a rich girl born with a pig's snout as a result of a witch's wrath. After numerous efforts to get her married off fail, James McAvoy turns up at the door unperturbed it seems by a life-sized, in the flesh version of Miss Piggy. Is McAvoy the dashing gentleman come to rescue our cute pork-pie or the big bad wolf who wants to blow her whole house down? Do you really need a bedtime story at your age? If the answer's yes then put on your pajamas and go bananas!

2.5 STARS!

All about Penelope


daisymay said…
Loving your blog great mini reviews, very cool. See my review site here
drynwhyl said…
I might as well do so, I mean the part with the pajamas and going bananas ;) I also kind of missed tha fact James McAvoy is in this movie, one more reason to give it a try, hehe.
Great review as per usual :)
Haha! Hope you'll enjoy the show!