Dexter: Season 3

TV Series - Season 3

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

The light has gone out from one of telly's greatest finds. We are still in mourning for the demise of this series in regards to its previously phenomenal writing and plots which never failed to shock and give us endless goosebumps. In this instalment though, Dexter Morgan the monster battling forever with his 'Dark Passenger' is suddenly replaced with a softer, more sentimental version prone to bouts of self-doubts and needy moments of which we couldn't bear to watch. Even the jokes which made the first and second Seasons such fun to us are almost non-existent here. We're also peeved that there are no worthy rival here to challenge Dexter's supremacy in the killer's jungle. Now that's the biggest mistake.

2.5 STARS!

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Dave said…
Sadly, I could not agree more. I really miss the creepiness and thrills of the first two seasons. I am really hoping that they bring it back to life in the fourth season, but I am not holding my breath. Thanks for the honest take; it would seem that netflix ratings of tv series are completely skewed.
Hi Dave, you're welcome. It's our duty as fellow viewers to say what we feel. It is sad that as one of the most original characters in a miniseries, Dexter Morgan has finally overstayed his welcome. The producers should just pull the plug on the whole thing. Give the guy some dignity.
I'm not a fan of scuttling a great show just because its lost some of its original charm. Dexter still drops my jaw every now and then, so I figure it can stay around for another year, and finish out a larger story with a tidy, planned finale next season, and give the viewers some resolution.
Let us all hope and pray that you're right. We do think he's a hell of a character! In the meantime, we're gonna keep watching 'Mad Men'.