Director - John Patrick Shanley

Genre - Drama/Mystery

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep spar in this performance-driven drama. We get a double dose of the legendary cinema diva, madame Streep and Hoffman, who more than holds his own against the scene-stealin' queen. What could be better? Hoffman plays a priest who gets in the way of Streep's mother hen of a nun in every way. When word got out that the priest may not be what he seems, the mother hen must protect her chicks at all cost. Even if it means surrendering her beliefs and destroying the very foundation of her faith. Powerful but not overbearing.

3.5 STARS!

All about Doubt


Miss Sarah said…
I thought Doubt was excellent. The actors were all amazing and the simplicity of the cinematic elements and plot was, in my opinion, really terrific. You could kind of tell this was based on a play, with the simple sets and staging, but I really thought it was a great movie.
Hi Sarah, welcome aboard.

It is certainly a worthwhile watch. The no-frills direction was suited to its subject matter and the cast rose above their calling.

We have to stand by our rating though because this isn't the kind of film that we really enjoy. We liked it but we don't see any groundbreaking, earth-shattering moves made by the director. We were left more in awe of the actors than the film itself, if you understand what we mean. :)

A great film, after you view it you'd look out for the director's name. We didn't bother with this one.