Santa Sangre

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Genre - Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Out of the grid and right on the brink of madness, this film sticks out like a sixth toe on a foot. But unlike an unwanted and unappreciated appendage, it is oddly appealing. You just can't bring yourself to look away. The acting reminds you of a bad Bollywood film with all the overdone theatrics thrown in and the story seems like it was written by a person residing in a mental facility.These are things that shouldn't work in a movie but somehow, through the director's keen grasp of the language of film, it does. Truly a sidewalk of freakish pleasure. Care to take a stroll on its uneven pavement?


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DAMIN said…
Allessandro Jodorowski is what we get less of in today's cinema--it is the real deal. A human soul laid bare by art. You might cry when you watch this. You will probably laugh. But if you know what's good for you, you will watch it again.
How I wish he'd been able to make Dune (with Giger as production designer).
Great insights!

Damin - Very well put. We believe movies as an art form is boundless, allowing those who go beyond the ways of old unlimited breathing space. In Santa Sangre, there is a feeling that the film exists in an alternate world, wherein characters and stories need not be restricted by its conventional structures. This is what made the film uniquely individual and stylistically loaded with the touch of a true artist.

Most movies nowadays are more audience orientated, whereby the studios put out movies which do not give us anything more than what it is. We are rarely surprised or excited now because there is a general feeling that movies have lost its magic. Repetition and remakes become the norm and the audience are the ones losing out, without even knowing it.

Patrick - That would indeed be interesting. But we never felt that there was anything wrong with Lynch's movie. It was made before the arrival of CGI and he didn't have much of a budget to work with. The studio was also breathing hard on his neck. Jodorowsky would have made a version that is his own no doubt, but we don't think he would have given us a better film. Maybe comparable, but not better.