Mad Men: Season 1 & 2

TV Series: Season 1 & 2
Genre - Drama

Put away your Playstation and Ipod. Take a breather and let 'Mad Men' take you to a place time had made special. All the Awards showered continuously on this Series are indeed justified as the writing and performances are just a class above the competition. Jon Hamm especially deserves to be singled out as he is why we watch this, without a doubt. He has a way about him which makes you want to like him in spite of his sort of cad-like character. His eyes - when he looks at someone in anger, it's as though he could look right into their souls. This Series actually made us wish we'd lived in that era. It's just such a great escape from modern life. An American episodic production at its best.


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siutou_amy said…
heh, I didn't enjoy the first two seasons of Mad Men that much. I find Hamm's character irking at times, but it is a good series. I'm looking forward to the 3rd season.
Funny that you'd say that Amy... We on the other hand feel that Hamm is the number one reason we have kept watching 'Mad Men'. He is a mysteriously cool character, yet very real in all his flaws and fumbles. We love watching him stare daggers at his enemies or whoever ticks him off. And then of course sitting on the throne together with Hamm is the writing. We have no complains about the writers and their wonderful choice of words so far! :)
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