Office Space

Director - Mike Judge

Genre - Comedy/Crime/Romance

Mike Judge broke out from the cocoon of his animated world in this feature. 'Idiocracy', his other live-feature which we actually saw before this had made our eyes burn with shame for being caught in the same room with it. This however, is a film worthy of its cult status. Judge's playful satire on the plight of those who clock in like trapped rats at 9 to 5 actually turned out to be a homerun! The jokes come hard and fast as we root for a group of underdogs who are very much like most of us. Underpaid, unnoticed and unappreciated. Well, if you're feeling down and cooped up in that little cubicle, pick this up and relish learning all the things you can do (we're not encouraging widespread white collar anarchy mind you) to your soul-deficient boss.


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Aiden R. said…
Totally agree with you as I sit here in my cubicle at the point of driving my head through the computer screen. Great little breakdown, really digging the site. Keep it up!
Ben said…
Great film! Haven't seen it in years and this reminded me that I really need to give it another watch!