The White Ribbon

Director - Michael Haneke

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

Is this 2009 Palme d'Or winner worthy of the honor? What made it something uncommonly out of the loop in lieu of what has come before consists of Haneke's adept hand in capturing a period in time with detailed precision, the wonderful performances of the cast and an extremely memorable story. Every single consideration made in the direction of this unhurried thriller assured it will attain classic status, made to withstand the ages of filmmaking. Its script centers on a series of malicious, spiteful occurrences perpetuated by culprit(s) who hide in plain sight amongst a settlement of church-fearing Germans. Still waters don't necessarily mean that there are no gators though and the deceptively polite characters in the film hold some dark secrets of their own. We were doubtful whether it deserved its prize when we arrived at the end, but when our minds refused to be rid of Haneke's carefully realized images as if we suddenly had an epiphany, we accept the jury's choice. Humbly and sincerely.


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marjurry said…
Winning the Best Foreign Language Film in Golden Globe will most likely ensure its slot in OSCARS. I am really excited to see this one!