The Hurt Locker

Director - Kathryn Bigelow

Genre - Action/Drama/Thriller/War

This is just waaaay overrated. It felt as if we were trapped in twilight zone when we finally watched the film and thought about the string of accolades it had received. Nothing about the story or the way it was directed hinted to us of a great movie. In fact, it was so disenchantingly unchallenging and typically mediocre that we were outraged. It goes on and on showing scenes and situations which highlight the dangerous nature of disposing bombs. Duh? And we had no idea that it wasn't a safe job before? If this movie wins for Best Picture we're not going to watch the Oscars ever again. It isn't bad per se, just not as good as it has been made out to be.


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siutou_amy said…
I didn't think it was mediocre, it's just wasn't anything amazing. I would like to read what you think about Avatar and Inglourious Basterds, though.

So you've bet not watching the Oscar if THL wins, I have bet not watching the Oscar next year if Avatar wins... and someone I know bet not watching any American film if Sandra Bullock wins hahahaha.

The sad thing is that the first female ever director to win (or actually really considered for the win) will only be because it was a weak year for film.
Shubhajit said…
Yeah, I agree Hurt Locker isn't as amazing as it has been made out to be, but it certainly is better than mediocre. In fact I too would rather have Hurt Locker winning the Oscars than the overhyped though essentially inane Avatar.
Amy - The reason we said it was mediocre is because when we compared it to other war movies like 'Jarhead', 'Babel', 'Three Kings', etc, it paled in relation to these better works. It didn't make any statement about the Iraqi war, the acting was just average and the direction did not impress us. We only gave it 3 stars because we couldn't exactly call it bad. It was just something mediocre like instant noodle. Fills you up but is it good for you? We could live without it. Hence, mediocre. Hence, the most reluctant we ever felt giving 3 stars to a movie.

We'll put up 'Inglorious Basterds' soon but we have not seen 'Avatar' yet. You just made us feel like we wouldn't be missing a thing too by not watching. Nor have we watched 'The Blind Side'.

Well, enjoy the Oscars! Hope those 3 films don't win! Our future Oscars viewing rests on them failing!

Shubhajit - We think that a movie which is in contention for a Best Picture Oscar should at least wow us a little. 'The Hurt Locker' left us cold. In view of that, we do feel that it was a mediocre film.

We have not seen 'Avatar' but as least it boasts of advancements in computer animation. What can 'The Hurt Locker' boast of? Even 'Point Break' was more entertaining if we're talking about the entertainment value. And if we're on the topic of its meaning there doesn't seem to be any. In fact, we were so unsettled in rating it 3 stars we purposely said it was mediocre. Seems harsh but that was the only way we could feel good about giving it 3 stars. It barely skimmed the surface of 3 stars really.
The Scud said…
loved this movie. well-deserved oscar win. and its directos is freaking tall. and hot. and gorgeous.
Damn. Our whole belief system in what counts as a great picture had just crashed and disintegrated. What in the world is going on here? Is it just us or is the Academy simply making a statement in honoring a woman for the first time? That is all well and good if it was really deserving, but it isn't.

Being tall, hot and gorgeous has got no connection with being the Best Director, we might add. This is a dark day for cinema. We appeal for calm and peace in the face of such horror. Oh...the horror...the horror
drynwhyl said…
Haven't seen the film and to be honest I wasn't particularly interested to begin with. Reading your comments made me realize it won't be really a loss if I'd just write it off my list.
Phew, hahaha, all the bets about not watching the Oscars and any American film make me feel less elitist and a snob now, because you always seem to get weird glances with a statement like that.
Other than that, well, don't really care about the awards, ditched Hollywood some years ago and never looked back. :)
As much as we hated some American movies, we would never dismiss its cinema altogether. We had even asked ourselves once the question "if we could only have one country's films for the remaining years of our lives, which country would we choose?" The answer, it might surprise you, is America. Which country has such a vast range of genres produced? Don't forget too that many acting and directing legends came from there. Brando, Pacino, Scorsese, Woody Allen...the list goes on and on. What about movies made by Tarantino or David Lynch? It is unwise to turn your back on these significant contributors to world cinema. :)