Waltz With Bashir

Director - Ari Folman

Genre - Animation/Biography/War

Not so much an 'animated picture' in the traditional sense but a work of cinema employing the technique of animation to express itself better and more completely. By going the 2D route instead of using real sets and real actors as is the norm for scripts of such nature, the visual ambience of this film takes on a really refreshing quality. Based on the real war experiences of the director himself, the story is about how he attempts to retrieve his lost memories associated with those turbulent years. One of the strongest statements on war we've ever witnessed, it opened our eyes to the dark side of human nature and the unlimited avenues of visual style cinema may utilize. Prepare yourself for a deep analytical look into the psychosis of an average man thrown into unwarranted, uncalled for violence.


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Shubhajit said…
Yeah, this is one brilliant cinematic achievement. This animation film employing bizarre surreal moments as well as in-your-face kind of cinema verite style while capturing the war, is, as you said, both a fascinating visual feast (the artwork was amazing) and a powerful anti-war commentary. One of the most unique animation films ever made!!!
Haha. Yes it was really a fascinating piece of work. We hope more people will watch this film and be aware that war isn't something we should ignore. It is ugly and stupid. That is why we were so impressed with this movie. It let us experience the trauma and lost one feels as a victim of war, even if we've been lucky not to have been in one. This is something even non-animated movies like 'Saving Private Ryan' or 'Letters from Iwo Jima' failed to illicit from us. Bravo to the director!
We apologize for the confusion we might have caused. We meant elicit, not illicit. And loss, not lost.
Nicholas C said…
Loved the hell out of this movie!
Great that you loved the movie that much. It certainly opened our eyes to the limitless potential of animation.
Danny King said…
For me, the brilliant visual presentation of this film is far superior to the story, but I still think it is worth a watch. A real achievement in modern animation.
Yeah. You're absolutely right. In this film, animation performs something really extraordinary, almost like a total facelift. It is out of the box, unconventional and full of possibilities. Thank you for taking the time to write us.
marjurry said…
I agree when you say that this is one of the strongest statements on war we've ever witnessed. The best thing that ever happened to the story and what it has to say is its presentation in animation. The high amount of surrealism needed has been provided by it.
Couldn't have said it better. Thank you so much for writing in.