Director - Lars von Trier

Genre - Drama/Horror

Reports of people walking off during the screening in Cannes last year didn't deter us from watching this. We gave it a chance and hoped that Lars von Trier would have a sense of accountability for his latest film. Those who didn't stay till the end were just not used to cinema being thought provoking, we reasoned. We watched, and continued watching, and finally....end credits rolled, DVD player read 'STOP'. This is vulgarity at its pinnacle. Some would argue that evil was depicted here and therefore, it should appear without any sugarcoating, which is the case here. We wish von Trier had reined in his inner demons more, that he had spared us this walk through endless pain. Despite having cinematography so good our eyes turned watery with adulation, we wouldn't recommend this to our worst enemies. Well, maybe just that ass who owes us money.

1.5 STARS!

All about Antichrist


Shubhajit said…
I didn't hate the movie. Having said that, this movie might not serve its intended job if that "ass" who owes you money is fed on such stuff as Saw & Hostel :)
the scud said…
antichrist is a hard movie to watch. the 'torture' scenes were violent and gross.
Hey guys! We believe this film is a tool created by a very disturbed human being and it is used to provoke us emotionally. It is very antagonistic and devoid of any commercial basis.

We admire the director for his total disregard on pleasing the audience but it doesn't mean we have to like it. It is like a painting which depicts the horror of our minds, with lurid images daring us to hate it.

The movie has its place in the evolution of motion pictures but we really don't fancy such heightened depravity. It is sick and should only be seen once, then locked safely away. Haha we realize too that if you're reading this you'll be tempted to watch it just to see how depraved it gets...

Well Shubhajit, thank you anyway for your feedback. Your opinions are always welcomed. :)
i walked away from this movie thinking i hated it, but then couldn't stop thinking about it, so i read some articles and interviews. i still don't know what i think....but i guess the fact that i researched it a little is evidence that it was entirely thought provoking.

i also found the beginning scene possibly the most difficult scene i have ever watched. the pain of knowing exactly what was going to happen, but watching it unfold in slow motion. filmed so theatrically as well. i sort of wish the whole movie was approached the same. it fell flat after that.
Right you are! The opening was just so remarkably shot. What followed after however, for most of the film made our jaws drop, and drop...

We believe you did some research because you wanted to make sense of it all. What we feel von Trier wanted to convey is that evil can be triggered in everyone. The immense sadness suffered by the lead actress was just too much for her to bear. She felt numbed by everything around her. Her life, her environment meant nothing to her. In order to rid herself from the numbness, she did things to the extreme. Pushed back as far as she could because she had already experienced the worst. The thing is, we don't care. Movies for us when it comes down to one bare essential - should entertain us. It shouldn't make us miserable.
I think Antichrist is a misunderstood and underrated masterpiece, I'll be reviewing it at some point.

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Qyro said…
I have to question your consistency when you give this 1.5 stars, but give Human Centipede 5 stars...