Ip Man 2

Director - Wilson Yip

Genre - Action/Biography

Continuation of part 1 sees Ip Man moving on to British occupied Hong Kong with his family. Since all he knows is kung fu, Ip Man sets up a 'Wing Chun' dojo to make a living. This then brings him on a head-on collision with the leader of all kung fu academies in HK, a stubborn old master played by Sammo Hung. Donnie Yen is so comfortable in the role here it feels to us like a second skin for him. Humble and with such impeccable manners, it is quite a jolt for the senses when Ip Man is stirred up for a kung fu smash up. This man doesn't need costumes or a cape to be a hero! And like the first part, there are literally no wires used throughout the entire film, making this a raw, bare knuckles experience. Donnie Yen is like a dark horse coming from way behind to snatch the martial arts superstar crown from Jackie Chan and Jet Lee.

3.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…
I also saw both Ip Man movies recently. I liked #1 a little bit better than Ip Man 2, but both enjoyable.

The fighting in both, man... refreshing. Without wanting to feel patriotic or anything, I could say I could have cheered on Ip Man's fight with the boxer... gotta admit he had it tough~~~
Yeah it's hard not to root for Ip Man. He's sort of like a Chinese version of Rocky Balboa, but with way better moves.

We liked both part 1 and 2. Part 1's story was better but part 2 had better fight scenes. Too bad Donnie Yen has said he won't do another one. He feels the story of Ip Man ended with part 2, that there isn't anything else to add on.