Ip Man

Director - Wilson Yip

Genre - Action/Drama/Biography/History

For those not in the know, Ip Man is the martial arts master who taught Bruce Lee his initial kung fu moves known as 'Wing Chun'. Donnie Yen took on the role with a scintillating vigour we've never seen before in any of his movies. In this, his character is so real and palpable you will feel that Ip Man is Yen and Yen is Ip Man. They're almost inseparable as a person and it'll be hard to imagine anyone else in the role (Tony Leung is slated to play Ip Man in another movie directed by Wong Kar Wai). Set during the invasion of China by the Japanese, the patriotic spirit of Ip Man who rips into all those who bully his friends and country will rouse anybody, Chinese or not. What's interesting here is that Ip Man doesn't even like to fight. All he ever wanted was to fully savour his cigarettes and tea in peace. Bonus points for very minimal usage of wires!

3.5 STARS!

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