Director - Matthew Vaughn

Genre - Action/Crime/Thriller

Our jaws dropped when we saw this latest film by Matthew Vaughn. It exceeded our wildest imaginations and more. Forget Spidey, Bruce Wayne, Watchmen, Sin City or even Iron Man. This is the best superhero movie ever! Adapted from a comic with the same title, the genius of its darkly humored yet gruesomely violent story lies in the fact that every blow, hit, kick and shot delivered or received by the characters are felt deeply by us. Dave Lizewski is an average student who questioned why nobody has ever lived out the dream of becoming a masked crusader in real life. Without thinking about the consequences, he dons a costume (it's actually a wet suit) in order to do his bit at fighting crime. The drawback to having viewed this is that we'll never be able to see others of its genre in the same, nonchalant way anymore. A very far divide exists now between this and other comic book adaptations. Let's not forget Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz)! She is simply the most awesome character to have hit (pun intended) the screen in a long time. Urgently recommended.


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siutou_amy said…

you just probably ruined the film for me with such high expectations xD
:) Come now, almost every review would be singing its praises. A good film can't be spoilt with a few choice words. Don't worry, you'll enjoy it. But if you don't, we sure as hell would like to know why!
We gave this film 7 out of 10 on our blog. I had some reservations about the lost irony. If you get a chance let us know what you think of our review:
Sure, thanks for stopping by! :)
the scud said…
i have to admit i was a bit bothered by a sword-wielding kid but i had fun watching this movie. i give it 3.5 stars out of 5.
Just 3.5 Stars? Movies like 'Kick-Ass' are really hard to come by, don't you think? We gave it the ultimate honor - "Who's Your Daddy?" (the answer may well be Big Daddy, Nic Cage's loony but cool character in the film :)).
drynwhyl said…
This review took me quite by surprise. Are you sure you went to the right screening? xD I was pretty much let down by the trailer due to the not really convincing storyline, some cringeworthy dialogues and my innate aversion to Nicholas Cage, but hey, your praise is a reason enough to give it a go ;)
Yes. You should really give it a go! You won't regret it. Thus far, it is the most realistic superhero movie we've ever seen. Well, as real as a superhero movie can be anyway.

To tell you the truth we don't really like Nic Cage as well. But in this, he is cool as can be. Don't be discouraged by the trailer. For want of a better word, the film really kicks ass!!!
illusions said…
I enjoyed watching the movie. But for me the Graphics Novel was much much better than the movie. The movie was molded as a 'feel good' and in the end the hero gets the girl. The Graphics Novel was much more raw and realistic. Just a thought which crossed my mind while watching the movie, probably I have heard that siren type score before (probably in 'The Dark Knight'?).
Yeah we've heard how good the graphic novel is. Thank you for the valued recommendation. we'll keep your words in mind for sure.